Feb 17

Blog Candy Winner

I asked Andy to pick a number between 1-26 and he chose 18…

Congratulations to the 18th comment who happens to be JoAnn. She left me a comment saying:

We were snowed/iced in for 3 days so I made dh a card and cooked a frozed lazagna which he loved. Last night our pipes froze so we were without water. We can finally get out of the garage so I will go and get his gift today which will be a gift card to Starbucks. I received a day at the spa.
Hope you all had a great day and if not I hope today will be special day for you. JoAnn

JoAnn, please email me your mailing address. (ms.thanhvo@gmail.com) PS-You do have a blog up and running right? When I click on your profile – it doesnt link me back up to your blog page.

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  1. Congrats joanne!

  2. Congratulations, Joanne!

    Thanh…..girl you’ve got it goin’ on in your blog! Talk about truly fun and lots of awesome eye-candy (crafting eye-candy, that is!) What a fun, fun blog!

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