Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day

Blog Candy!!

Happy Valentine’s or Singles-Awareness Day ladies! I have a love/hate relationship with this day. I love the fact that it is a single day where you should be reminding those you love that you care about them, etc. What I cannot stand is the mass commercialization of it. Now dont get me wrong, this doesn’t include our handmade lovelies, but I get kind of sick walking in the department stores filled floor to ceiling with red and white. Why does a bouquet of roses need to be $3197528 when it was $29 last week? //End rant session. Please don’t think that I’m a hater or negative person – this is just my personal opinion on it.

So back to this blog candy! Leave me a comment here with your thoughts on Valentine’s Day or what you plan on doing today (or did do in some cases). I will randomly pick a winner the night of Friday, February 16th. The winner will receive the Fab Flowers + Sassy Sequins packages from Queen & Co. I bought these months ago and they have been in my drawar untouched until today. They are better off with you! Good luck to all!

Edit I have plans to go out Friday night, so I will probably not post a winner until Saturday.

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  1. Oh, oh, oh (I’m raising my hand really high right now). Me, me, me! I wanna enter your contest!
    BTW-I am LOVING your blog!

  2. Well, for Valentines day we don’t do much, just spend the evening together, have a nice romantic dinner, and exchange cards! But this year hubby cheated and bought me flowers and some sugar-free chocolate! I have to say my hubby is romantic all year round, we both are! We always try to do those little things for each other, and he often comes home with flowers for no reason, which is so much more special to me than flowers on Valentines? Does that make sense? Happy Valentines Day everyone!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!!! Have a super-d-duper day!! Valentines is more about my kids now. DH & I seem to go & buy our own “presents”. I told dh he bought me SU Punches & he’s told me that I bought him baseball cards at the convention next week. But, the kids get a real kick out of it. Of course, they seem to think it’s another Christmas & keep making thier Valentine’s List.

    If I take the time, we have a special dinner, heart shaped cookies, candles & the kids get to drink out of the “real” glasses, not the plastic ones we got from Culvers. LOL It’s more just a family day for us.

    Oh, I’ve told dh if he EVER get’s me flowers for Valentine’s, he’s a DEAD MAN!!! I refuse to spend a fortune on something that will be dead in 3 days. Plus, do you know how many stamps I could get w/that $$$. It’s SAB y’know!!!!

    Hugs to you!!!

  4. Well, V-day is alright but after working at a restaurant for seven years while putting myself through school, it sucked the romanticism out of it for me. (Slaving away while other people smooched was no fun!) Lately, I am just too tired to enjoy anything and, like Christmas, it means more work, not less! Of course, once DH sends something, I usually shut up. OK, I am done ranting too…TFS!

  5. Today is special for me in many ways. One of the most important is that my sweetie surprised me with an engagement ring 32 years ago today. He always makes it a special day for me – many times in our marriage we could not spend $4 on gifts, but his thoughtfulness always made my day. He has always remembered our daughters on Valentine’s day without me reminding him… and now he has added 3 granddaughters to his list!

    It takes a special guy to keep 6 ladies happy!

    Nancy Clark

  6. I guess Ive always celebrated because its what I was taught to do…lol
    Once I was old enough to have a SO, then it seemed like a lot more to me. Of course, you have to have the right person too.
    One boyfriend…didnt have a clue. Thought the day was about buying me something (that he didnt do well at anyway…maybe Ill blog about that…lol!) instead of showing me his love.
    Last boyfriend (Wade) did whatever it took to put a smile on my face. He knew it wasnt about the money put into it, but the thought.
    Ive been single again for 5 years and dont really do much. Infact, I usually end up working. So I make little treats for my coworkers.
    If I had someone in my life….Id probably be fixing a favorite meal, lighting a fire and all the candles I own, and planning on snuggling up to watch a good movie together. I dont like being out with all the other mushy couples on Vday…lol It drives me nuts for some reason πŸ˜‰

  7. I love Valentine’s Day, but am with you–the flower business is crazy this time of year! However, next year, we decided that my husband is going to take a vacation day on Valentines and work flower deliveries to get paid double! As far as tonight goes, we gave the kids their Valentine goodies last night, so tonight we are putting them to bed early and we are going to stay up late and watch The Notebook and make homemade milkshakes! yummy!

  8. I planning on spending the evening with my kids since Hubby won’t be home till late but they are fun little rascals!
    Heather B

  9. Yay, blog candy! I really need something to get my scrapbooking mojo going again – I’ve taken almost a year long hiatus. I’m sooo behind! For v-day we are taking turns digging ourselves out from under a HUGE pile of snow that got dumped on us. Seriously, I was just out there for an entire hour and I only made a dent. Sheesh!
    ~Amy H.

  10. Yay, blog candy! I really need something to get my scrapbooking mojo going again – I’ve taken almost a year long hiatus. I’m sooo behind! For v-day we are taking turns digging ourselves out from under a HUGE pile of snow that got dumped on us. Seriously, I was just out there for an entire hour and I only made a dent. Sheesh!
    ~Amy H.

  11. I totally agree with you about flowers!!! That’s why my hubby always sends them to me on my birthday (16th) instead…I swear they’re at least $10 bucks cheaper. I was planning on making my hubby his dinner of choice (cheeseburgers for some reason) but we are completely snowed in so we made homemade pizza’s instead and have been watching movies all day. Isn’t a snow day the greatest??!!

  12. Love the blog candy! We really don’t do much for valentine’s. My husband just thinks that the card companies make up these days to get us to spend money!!

  13. Single, married or inbetween. Everyone should celebrate. It is a great day to relect on how lucky we are.

    This is a low key celebrating kinda year. Just having a healthy family is a special gift.

    I would not let my hubby buy flowers this time of the year…OVER PRICED!

  14. We love valentines day we have a canlelight dinner and dessert and after the kids went to be we had a coconut milk bath we have a huge soaker tun it is so nice to relax in.

  15. I have the flu so I did nothing (watched the Pistons lose) but I even had to cook my own dinner, so I made a pot or rice with garlic. I am still so sick and just wannt to get outside and breath normal.

    Jan in Michigan

  16. My thoughts on Valentine’s Day:
    I used to think I HAD to have something on Valentine’s Day. Not since my daughter was born though. Now I love to go find her a cute little outfit for Valentine’s day. One year I even MADE her a dress. You should have seen me cutting that pattern and trying to figure out how to sew it all together. I had to call upon my aunt to explain some of the terminology in the directions. When I finished it though, you would have thought I bought it from a store…and she just LOVED it. It’s still hanging in her closet although she has now outgrown it. It’s just a special way that I tell her “I Love You” each year.

  17. I want candy! Brian and I exchanged handmade cards. πŸ™‚

  18. After 20 years together, Valentine’s day seems to have lost it’s luster. I don’t mean we don’t celebrate, but it’s just not like when you’re newlyweds, ya know? I made my hubby a nice card and he bought me one. It would be so touching to me if he did like Erin K’s hubby and got into my craft mecca and made me a card, but he didn’t and he won’t. He got me a nice Hallmark card. We made a nice dinner together and spent time watching tv together. And since no one else said this, I’m going to: yes, we had Valentine’s day sex. You get no details. πŸ™‚

  19. We were snowed/iced in for 3 days so I made dh a card and cooked a frozed lazagna which he loved. Last night our pipes froze so we were without water. We can finally get out of the garage so I will go and get his gift today which will be a gift card to Starbucks. I received a day at the spa.
    Hope you all had a great day and if not I hope today will be special day for you. JoAnn

  20. I love Valentine’s Day. It’s kinda like Thanksgiving only instead of pumpkin pie we each chocolate. This year I hung out with my family. I ate too much dark chocolate. I helped out at my niece’s kindergarten Valentine’s party during the day. Super cute.

    I’d love to win the goodies Thanh. Pick me. πŸ™‚

  21. I had a really nice v-day despite the crazy weather in upstate NY. Hubby got me a cute talking pink hippo, it’s very cute…I used to collect hippos for awhile but have not gotten one in years! He also went home and lunch and cleared out the whole driveway, which we would usually tackle together. We made a nice dinner together at home and yummy cupcakes!

    Oh I did get roses at work too…those delivery men were heroes for getting out and making so many deliveries on such a messy, wintery day!

  22. I didn’t see your blog until now and Valentines Day has come and gone. But we usually just go out to eat. We do not get each other presents. Just a handmade card from me and the kids :). I was in bed with the stomach flu this year so that was the pits. Hope you had a nice Valentines’ Day Thanh.

  23. Hi Thanh! Just say CANDY and we all come running! LOL
    I’ve really enjoyed reading all the comments about Valentine’s Day. It’s one of my favorite holidays…. a special day on the calendar to remind those you love how much they mean to you. Like the other holidays, it probably is too commercialized, but that’s business and everyone has to make a living somehow! πŸ™‚ Smiles 2 U and Happy Heart Day! Pam

  24. We surprised each other w/huge balloons and a few treats we knew the other would like.

    We’re not REALLY celebrating until this coming Tuesday, as now we have our tax return . ..

  25. Love your blog. Didn’t do much for Valentine’s this year. When your divorced you don’t have the romantic dinners and DS has the flu.

  26. I like Valentine’s day. We usually celebrate it a few days after the fact. Everything is just waaay to crowded to go anywhere on the actual day. Valentine’s happens to be our anniversary (13 years) so we have to celebrate!!! I did get a beautiful boquet of red roses! I hate the fact that I’m sure he had to sell his first born to pay for them, but they are wonderful to look at!
    YOur stamp-shack friend,

  27. Oh…hope I’m not too late! I love those sequin things! I just discovered your blog and have it dropped in my RSS feeds πŸ™‚ Because we had such awful snow and ice…our V-Day was spent at home πŸ˜‰

  28. I once heard that one of the reasons roses are so expensive on February 14th is because of the Rose Parade….grwoers get tapped during this time.

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