Feb 18

Poof…. and he’s magically dissapeared.

I received a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day… and given how I feel about buying flowers on this day, from my last post, I yelled. He said he knew that I would, but wanted to get them because I haven’t received flowers in awhile. Okay, I melted just a little. hehehe

I haven’t been myself the last couple of days. I have been posting less (on forums and on blogs) and keeping to myself. Definitely more reserved irl as well with my friends. He left me on Thursday and I have been pretty upset ever since. I didn’t realize that it would be such a short trip. I realize that I should be grateful that he came at all, but it just didn’t seem like enough time together. I just feel so empty and I don’t know how to get rid of it.
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  1. Go make something terrific! You’ll feel better soon…keep your chin up 🙂

  2. oh thahn i’m sorry you are so sad. cheer up, you’ll be together soon again! think of what a good time you had (and wasn’t expecting!) and think about when you will be able to be together again. it must be tough being so far apart! if you need a shoulder to cry on, come visit me!!

  3. Hi Thanh
    sorry you are feeling down, but remember some aussie sunshine and images are on their way to you. Hope that cheers you up.

  4. Sorry your feeling so down..Try to cheer up..Big Hugs sent your way…

  5. Sorry you are not feeling great. We all love you Thanh. Those flowers are stunning.

  6. Aww…I know how you feel. Before I moved here to WA, I was in a long distance relationship too. As soon as we were together, Id start crying (Im a baby! lol) because we only had X amount of days left…LOL!
    I hope youre feeling better soon!
    Ive missed you!!

  7. Do something special for you. You will feel better. He left you some wonderful flowers, a sweet gesture!
    No worries though. Cause you will be together soon enough!

    We should try and get together again!! And create!

  8. Oh, Thanh…I hope you’ll feel better soon. I had a long distance relationship with my now-husband for two years. He was in Colorado, and I was in California (about 800 miles apart from each other). It was tough, but we knew we were determined to make it happen. The flowers he gave you are gorgeous. He sounds like a real catch. Take care, and BIG hugs,

  9. Thanh! Where are you?? Snap out of it! I miss you!

  10. Yooo Hooo Thanh! Where are you girl? We miss you!! Sending smiles to cheer you!! 🙂

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