Feb 24

Red/Pink swap

I am finally recovered from my slump, but currently in the middle of my midterms! School is kicking my butt right now (as it always does), so I rarely have time to sit down and be creative. 🙁 But I did want to post that I am overall fine and back to normal. Thank you all for your good wishes!

I participated in my first swap ever over at the Stamp Shack. It was a red/pink Friends Valetines swap that I received back about 2 weeks. I have been meaning to post it, but you all should know how it goes by now! I am so amazed that even though we all had a theme to follow, everyone’s card is so different. I loveeees swapping. My card was the Bella card I showed you here. Without further much ado, here we go:

Made by: ~toby~

Made by: Kerry

Made by: Keltie

Made by: IrishChristine

Made by: hbpuppy
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  1. Such pretty cards. I like them all!!

  2. Yeah! Glad you’re back to your blog! Looks like a fun swap!

  3. welcome back!! cute cards!!

  4. WOW! Those are AWESOME!
    Good luck with mid terms!

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