Feb 11

Sniffles… no mail?

Pooey!!! I didn’t get one piece of “cool” mail this week. I guess I kind of exhausted that last week, when I got my Prismacolors and etc. But not one thing this week besides Mastercard telling me that “there was a discrepancy with my card and that they sent me a new one to use.” Um… a little bit of a scary thought. I checked my online balances right away and nothing out of the ordinary showed. Just a bunch of transactions at the grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Michael’s, and other LSS. *Gasp* Wait a minute…. LSS!!! Who put those transactions on there – not I! lol.

Anyway… I do expect a lot of mail this week as I am waiting for my order from Close to My Heart and Stampin’ Up to arrive. What else? Friends from the Stamp Shack have pm’d me to let me know that their swaps are in the mail… Won a stamp from Angie last week too. Yooray, I hope it’s going to be a fun a week. I will need it as my midterms are coming up. Cannot let the new toys interfere with school either, though it will be tempting.

Nothing new to post… I’ve kind of been on a slump after my Valentine’s post. sniff. Hopefully I’ll sneak in time to play this week.

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  1. your stamp should be there soon!!!

  2. Oohh, oohh, Thanh, what are you getting from CTMH and SU? i’ve got an order in for some CTMH (more of that YUMMY More To Adore paper! And the Let’s Shop and Flower Girls stamp sets

  3. I understand no mail…..causes severe withdrawal symptons, doesn’t it? Hope this coming week makes up for last week.

  4. 😮 You spent something!! Here I have been holding out (yeah, right) because our leader was doing so good, and you SPENT SOMETHING!
    Thats it, punishment time. Im placing a SU order on Feb 28 😉

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