Apr 17

Bella Swap: Part III

Alrighty, here are the rest of the cards for that Bella swap I participated in. Thanks again to Christie for hosting and all the ladies that participated. You can see the first of half of the cards here… and you can see the card I made here.

Photo 1
Imeldabella – Made by Karen
Bellabustah – Made by Jane
Frizzybella – Made by Cherrie

Photo 2
Javabellas – Made by Susan
Lisabella – Made by Lisa
Left to right:
Balloonabella – Made by Renee
Beachabella – Made by Leigh
Minivanabella – Made by Alanna

Okay, that’s it! lol Dont worry, you wont be seeing anymore Bella’s for awhile… however, I do have another order coming any day now…hmm…

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  1. Keep the bellas coming!!! They are totally adorable. I really need to make some cards with mine. Really, I really, really do!!

  2. Thanh, they are all lovely cards! Makes we wish I had joined that swap! Dang it!

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