Jun 6

Still MIA


Just wanted to give you a quick update as Im not sure when the next time I will be on…

  • I have landed a new job/starting my career as an office assistant with (one of) the City Hall’s here. Im not too sure about all the details yet, but will explain later once I know more. I start that on June 11.
  • dbf has arrived this morning and my parents are due tomorrow morning for my graduation! I am looking forward to finally receiving that paper that says I spent thousands in university… oh, and the education of course! lol
  • Last week, I met Natasha Hixon –the founder of Quickutz — at my LSS. She is SO down to earth and awesome. The night was great, I got to make several make and takes and got awesome free stuff! Including a medium Tote-tally Cool Tote!!! (been wanting one forever)
Missing all of you and hope to catch up more once things settle down. Take care and wishing you all the best.
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  1. ConGRADulations!!!!

  2. Thanh? Thanh, is that you?
    So….new job, huh? Cool!
    Have a great graduation!

  3. Congratulations Thanh! How exciting for you! We miss you at the Shack!! Sherri

  4. Congrats Thanh, So glad everything is going well for you! Miss you at the Shack!


  5. Hey girly! Congrats on Graduating and the new job! Wish ya the best!


  6. MIA- that’s for sure…Come back and ‘see’ us!!

  7. Congratulations and don’t stay away too long!

  8. Hey girlie, when you comin’ back??? Blog sumthin’! xoxo

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