Aug 17

Am I a trend wh*re?

I’m a weakling.

I’ve seen the marketing done on these and now I want badly. The question I need to figure out is if I like these because I will use them and incorporate them into my papercrafting, or whether because it’s the hottest thing right now and the repetition that “everyone must have?”

If I do want them, should I wait until later… or do I get instant gratification and pre-order now. Hmmm.

Thoughts, opinions, comments or concerns?

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, not sure how much I will be on. Oh, I will be heading down south of the border on Sunday to do some shopping. I plan on meeting up with Kelly.

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  1. Sweet Mary….$300? I vote no. (I’m on a roll today lol)

  2. Hi Thanh,
    I’m normally one that is easily
    ‘enabled’, but I’m not going for these…yet. I’ve just spent a ton on giga, mega, super jumbo etc. punches, and I can’t justify the money. It’s nice that they emboss as well, but it’s just too much money. If I didn’t have any punches….well…maybe!
    Good luck in your decision!
    Heather L.

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