Aug 16

I finally got it figured out…

Remember a couple posts ago, I mentioned that I had sort of lost my creative mojo? Well, I figured out what was causing this little hiatus. I made a goal for myself stating that I would use my new (now old) line of Basic Grey papers. With a $50 GC to Remember Me that I had won back in February, I bought a bunch of paper in the Blush, Phoebe, Perhaps, etc. lines. As gorgeous as the papers might be, I am having such a hard time using them with any of the current stamp images or other embellishments that I have. I’m so used to having defined lines and working with cutesy things, that I cant seem to think outside of my box. I’m stuck. Help! Looks like I’m just going to have to try a little harder again tonight and see if I can come up with anything.

Alrighty, so the next business on the agenda is that my new daylight lamp might help me get back to it! I just picked up a cheapy version of something similar to an OTT-LITE and I looooooveeeee it. As a night time crafter, I need something to keep me going during the wee hours. This type of lighting is fanshmastic on my eyes. I joked to my bf that if I had this light during my school years, I would have gotten super-duper grades. You know what his response was? ………….. *snort… laugh* “Yeah right!” Pftt, the nerve.

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  1. Well, now that you’ve figured out your “mojo problem”, let’s see some creations already! LOL!

  2. well…if you want to unload your paper, you can set it into the trash outside…just be sure to let me know what day trash day is 🙂

  3. I so want on of this lights- I gave my SIL one for her bday! She loves it too!

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