Aug 14

Status of Pa

Thank you for all your well wishes and kind words of support.

It seems that by the time the news gets to me, it has been passed on from the Dr. to my dad, dad to mom, and then mom to me over the phone, so the story has changed or the details get shortened. But as far as I know, he had surgery on Saturday to remove the rest of the fluid out of his lung. He still has the chest tube inserted into his lung, to continue to suck out any fluid that remains or in case it comes back (Im assuming). I am pretty sure that he is doing fine, its just the fact that he cannot get out of bed that is probably bothering him the most. Oh, and he doesnt like the hospital food, lol.

I personally still do not know the cause of of fluid build up in his lung. Not sure whether that is something he is keeping from my mom and I (due to his stubborness), or that the dr’s still do not know. But he is in much less pain and the fluid is gone! That is a big relief. I will keep you updated.

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  1. So glad to hear that your dad is doing better! Hope that you are doing good too! I miss you!

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