Oct 16

Winner….. ME!!!!

The winners were announced almost a week ago for Just Johanna’s WCMD Challenges! I know, I’m super late to post… but when I saw this, I couldn’t help but react like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde! LOL You know the scene where she lands the part of the hot shot lawyer’s assistant, and she yells “MEEEEEEEE!!!” Yep, I totally did that. I am so thankful that Johanna held this challenge and I cannot wait to purchase my stamps. I downloaded the full catalog and will list what I am buying at a later date. Thanks again to everyone who participated, whether you were a host or a challenge participant – you made it fun! I did want to mention that I finally got around to editing the original card posts from WCMD and they all have their supplies listed below them. One thing done on the “to do list,” hundreds more to go! 😉
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  1. Congratulations Thanh. I love the Legally Blonde reference. That movie is awesome.

  2. Yeah! Congratulations! (I hope your resume is not scented…)

  3. YIPPEEE….ok I have to confess I have never seen Legally Blonde! Congratulations!

  4. Congrats Thanh, that is so awesome!!! You definitely have to share with us, what you are ordering!!!

  5. How exciting Thanh! What are you going to order?


  6. Yippee! Congrats to you, Thanh!

  7. hello you make wery nice cards…i like 🙂
    regards Bittan from sweden

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