Sep 21

Ahoyy there matey!

It’s Pirate Weekend over at the Odd Bird Planet Forum on SCS.

Why don’t you come and join in on the fun! There are many different challenges to participate and be eligible for prizes. For those who are unable to create/lack time, there are some challenges that only require you to take a quiz and find your Pirate name.

Head on over now.

Limited Edition “Say Cheese” stamp from Odd Bird Planet and Sassafras Lass paper used.

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  1. This is an adorable card. I also love the artsy photography you have going on here. 🙂

  2. CUTE CARD! Love the waves they are ROCKIN!

  3. Thanh! How ADORABLE! I love the waves! This is so awesome!

  4. Hey Little A, nice card! Those owls from the Say Cheese kit are my favorite owls. I love the waves here.

  5. This is great. That Sass Lass paper couldn’t be more perfect.

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