Sep 1

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Hey hey! It’s midweek again and I thought I’d quickly pop in to show you some major highlights from the birthday weekend. I’ll be back later (perhaps tomorrow) to blog more! Indeed my birthday always marks the end of the summer.

A weekend of Indian, Mexican, Korean food and a mish mash of friends = one wonderful weekend! I can’t forget all the comments I received on Facebook, MSN as well as on my blog. Thanks for making it awesome.

^ My fabulous new camera from the Beau

Like… OMGZ!!! I’m going to Legally Blonde the Musical in March

Korean BBQ – Yummy in my tummy

^ Because I have a minor obsession with organization 😉

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  1. WOW what a birthday bash! Looks like you had an awesome day! What a sweet Beau you have!

  2. Yippppppee!!! I’m glad they did it up right!
    How fun! I hope it was as marvolous as it looks. Happy birthday, Happy birthday!

  3. What a lovely time! I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday!

  4. Wow great prezzies & the food looks yum! Have fun at legally blonde I love those films!! x

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