Sep 13

Vancouver PNE

The second Monday of September… eeps! lol

Here are some more photos of the ending of the summer in Vancouver. The PNE Fair usually happens in the last weeks of August through Labour Day weekend. My favourite events to see are the Sand Sculptures as well as the Super Dogs show.

My favourite types of food to eat are funnel cake, wiggle chips, cotton candy, popcorn and corn dogs! Yummalicious!!!

I hope you all had a great summer! Don’t worry; this is the last of my “summer photos” lol.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an Amber Ink project to share.

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  1. OMG, that looks like an amazing event! That skeleton sand sculpture totally ROCKS! Can’t wait to see what-else you have been up too! SMILE!

  2. Isn’t it amazing what they can do with sand. We have a contest here every year and it always amazes me!!!

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