Mar 7

Yummy Food Creations

Happy (merh) Monday! LOL

I think I’m going to start featuring more yummy food creations on my blog. I know that some people just eat for the sake of eating, but there are so many creative things you can do with your food. From the textures, colours and combinations; so many ways of how food can be presented and it’s so important that restaurants make the food look appetizing. I am no food critic by all means but I can definitely appreciate the art of food and feature it on my blog!

These rolls are from Japolo Sushi/Pho – one of our local sushi places that the Beau and I go to. (Juli P, you need to come visit me and we can go here!)

Yummy, yummy caterpillar roll… he’s sticking his tongue out at you? lol

A petite white bunny! Have a great day and we’ll see you later this week 😀

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