Jun 6

Destash the Past Weekend

Good morning, friends.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days, it was a busy week as I was trying to tidy up a few last minute things that came my way.

The ladies I have playing in first De-stash the Past Challenge are:

From what I knew of the Canada Post strike, I wasn’t able to ensure that the packages would be sent without delay so I went down south of the border into Bellingham, WA to mail them off. 😀 It seemed a little bit extreme, especially finding out that the strike is currently on rotation and will not affect the Vancouver area (yet). But hey, the Beau and I had a special date day and I’ll show you some fun photos tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by today, see you again tomorrow!

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  1. Cool photo Thanh! Glad to hear that you and Beau had a special date while you had to make a trip to the post office 😉 Will be looking forward to your photos!

  2. You are way to cute! Such a fun photo! Glad you had a great weekend! Can’t wait to see the photos! SMILE!

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