Aug 24

Hoot hoot! OWL Canada

Hi there, friends! So here are some of those photos I wanted to show you… I have been waiting for the perfect day to go to OWL Canada out in Delta, B.C., but have never had a chance to or something else has come up.

Owl Canada is a rehabilitation centre for raptors. The birds that we got to see included falcons, vultures, eagles and of course owls!!!

You see this little guy, he means some serious business. His name is Piggy and I’m now a proud sponsor of him and his other cagemates (Kermit and Serenity).

Thanks for stopping by and checkin’ out my “hooters. ” LOL I couldn’t help it πŸ˜›

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  1. T,
    Congrats on the additions, what a cutie πŸ™‚
    Great job on supporting their rehab too… hoot hoot

  2. What a cutie! You are so good to sponsor them!

  3. Hehehe…love your hooters! πŸ™‚

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