Mar 19

Summary of Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend

Summary of weekend
  1. The Beau and I were 3 years on Friday. We went to Charlie’s (Mexican) in Port Moody
  2. Followed up by a St. Patty’s Eve Shamrock Shake snack
  3. The next day we headed out to Vancouver and stopped by one of our favourite ramen noodle places
  4. I woke up craving macarons and was able to find them at French Made
  5. Carpet wall @ Anthropologie on South Granville
  6. Clock display @ Anthropologie
  7. Friend’s beer at our local pub
  8. My vodka/soda with lime (ugh and food colouring)
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  1. Looks like you had a fabby time! Those macarons look delicious. I had some at Bouchon in Las Vegas last week and they were to die for. I am craving them! I guess I’ll have to make some. I have made them twice now, once they came out perfect…the 2nd time not so much!! lol

    Tracy V

  2. You and all of your yummy food pics! I think I gained a pound just drooling over them!lol

    Lucky girl!

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