May 22

May Foodie Goodness and Mini Vacay

Haro! I haven’t done a photo post in awhile so I am overdue for one 🙂 I hope that all my Canadian friends enjoyed their long weekend! These are the highlights of May so far:
Cinco de Mayo Dinner I made
I was a little obsessed with Frappucino Happy Hour…
Mini Vacay up to Whistler… and green tea frappucino 😉
 Night time photo of The Beau and I
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  1. I am so coming to your house to eat! Your always teasing us with delicious food pics!

  2. What yummy photos! You’re making me hungry – lol!

  3. Your dinner looks yummy! And I like the photo of Whistler… very clever to make the straw the L. 🙂

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