Jul 24

The Young and the Restless… lol

Hi there! 
I know, I know… don’t give me heck. I’ve been a busy girl! I went to wedding number 1 of 2 this past weekend and some of my best girlfriends and I sure had some fun:
We were totally going for a soap opera type glamour shot!
Then there was the ever infamous YAY sign. In my defense, OUR table was getting more use out of them than the other wedding was! Read: they were sitting there at the sign-in table of the other wedding and I happened to borrow a few for some fun action at our wedding. I had so much YAY, until the wedding planner was escorted to our table and asked for them to be returned. I wish I was present at the table to see her reaction. Never knew a wedding planner could also be a party pooper! 
Dessert totally deserved a YAY!
Take care and I hope that today’s post made you smile.
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  1. Nice Photos and Blogs I Like It

    wedding planning education

  2. You goof! It’s all fun and games until someone ticks off the wedding planner! He he! Fun pics!

  3. Such fun photos! You can’t make everyone happy! Glad you had lots of fun! SMILE!

  4. You crazy girls…fun pics:)

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