Oct 11

Lesson Observed – Don’t Double Park

Do you ever recall something a couple days later and wish you had taken a photo of what you had seen?
I wish that I could show you what I saw the other day. I was running a couple of errands after work when I crossed a SUV that appeared to be double parked in the mall lot. Apparently I wasn’t the only one annoyed by this; when I approached the vehicle, it had a banana peel, an apple core, some candy wrappers and a note that said, “Thanks for taking up two spaces!”
Lesson observed: If you’re going to drive a big vehicle, you better know how to park it!
LOL I’ll be back tomorrow with the Raise the Bar Challenge of the week 🙂
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  1. LOL.. was this in Richmond?? hehe j/k

  2. LOL did this happen in Vancouver? I find Vancouver drivers are worse now in comparison to Richmond…

  3. I’m glad burnaby drivers are still really good though =)

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