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Year in Review * Part II


I’m so glad you’re stopping by and ringing in 2013 with me! LOL. Only thing is, I’m in review mode of 2012. Hee! It’s been a such a busy week for me.

Let’s pick up exactly where I left off.

July was my month of showers, bachelorettes and weddings. 

I was also Your Next Stamp’s July Guest Designer:
This past August, I turned 29 and am striving to make it a great last year in my 20’s 🙂

During the Labour Day weekend, the Beau and I took a road trip down to Portland and while he was the one that took most of the photos (on his camera – sigh), this is one of my favourite photos I took while there:

Received my Intermediate Copic Certification in late September. From L to R: Suzanne, our instructor, Sherrie, Naomi and Lisa.
Threw my 4th annual Halloween party:

November FLEW by, but I visited my parents and was able to enjoy a fantastic home cooked meal:

December; where do I even begin? So many different events occurred. So much food was consumed. A lot of time spent with friends! Loved this afternoon that I got to make gingerbread men with the Beau:

Holy toledo! What a year full of memories. Goodbye, 2012… welcome 2013! 
All the best and may 2013 bring you many memories! I’ll be back within the next couple of days to share my word and a few goals for 2013.

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  1. Fabulous shares…happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year! I hope 2013 is as fun and fabulous as this past year was for you, as it looks like you had sooooooo much fun!

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