Mar 11

Recap Monday

W? Nah, M for Maroon 5. For those of connected to me on Instagram, this is no news to you that I was here on Saturday night. I was surprisingly pleased with how much I enjoyed this concert! You know you’re there for the right reasons when you enjoyed the band’s individual solos while sitting in the nosebleeds. Can’t say the same for the lady who was sitting beside us repeatedly yelling “We love you Adam, now take off your shirt!” Perhaps she would have enjoyed sitting at home watching Moves Like Jagger on tv.

I tried fresh starfruit for the first time! It looks better than it tastes. I’ll try it again and let it ripen a little more next time. Any body got any good recipes?
I was able to sneak away down south of the border to do some shopping and picked up a pair of Chuck’s! I think I have a thing for polka dots. 

Thanks for letting me share my weekend with you! I’ll be back tomorrow with a Yumi & Fumi project.
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  1. SO jealous! I love Maroon 5. And super cute shoes! Also… starfruit should be a lot more yellow. So yeah… let it ripen next time, hahaha. 😉 Mwah! Miss you girlie! Wish you could come to CHA this summer. 🙂

  2. I love the brown and red with the white background. This is a cheery card which would certainly help someone feel better.

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