Jan 30

CHA Recap | Day 4 and Extras

Day 4 – Only 5 hours of CHA remaining; what booths would you hit up? On this last day, Renate and Kim were able to join me again. Here we are about to say farewell to our Lawn Fawn friends. Love how Amy Tan is in the background!


Chameleon markers from the UK. Be on the lookout for these beauties. A lower price point than Copic and you only need a small amount as the blending and shades are all in one marker! Craft Test Dummies has a video about them here. IMG_4280

Had to sneak this one here: I used my app to take some fun photos with Kelly Purkey and Ivy Wong.
photo I’m sad that I didn’t get photos with or of the Freckled Fawn lovelies, but Suzanne and I had some fun with their booth after they had packed up and gone. Suzanne thought it would be fun to the ying to my yang and put on a “nay” face, but we both adored the FF girls and their products. Make sure you check out their February release; I’m sure you’re going to love it.

IMG_4285 After all the CHA fun, we hit up the Anaheim Walk Mall area and this was my first time coming across this used bookstore. IMG_4294 Then it was off to dinner with the Some Odd Girl crew at The Cheesecake Factory. IMG_4299 The following day and my last day in Anaheim, I met up with long time crafting friend, Heather Grow. She took me to the Rialto Cafe in Fullerton and then we hit up the tea lounge next door. IMG_4305 We hit the noon sun when we took this photo, but it was important that I documented us on that day.  IMG_4313 Southern California, I’m kind of smitten with you! I hope to see more of you in the future. IMG_4322

Truth be told, I’m normally napping on the plane anytime I travel. Yep, I’m one of those that just clonks right out. Not this time; I was bustling with ideas and writing each and everyone down. Cheers to another year full of crafty fun! IMG_4328

Even though I spent a full 4 days at CHA, I didn’t even get to cover everything! There were a lot of booths/people that I ended up missing because I would get caught up in others. One of my favourite things about CHA is chatting with vendors about their products and also running into/meeting people you know. You also end up missing some friends if you don’t plan ahead! Sometimes I would forget to take photos, too. So this is really just a handful of some of the highlights.

With that being said, I love the CHA experience because it becomes a crafty/artsy powerhouse. When you have that many creative types in their element working together, the outcome is steller. Many thanks to all the people (old friends and new ones!) who took their time to chat with me.

My recaps are belated, but if you haven’t seen them already, here are some other CHA reviews and trends to read:

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  1. Thanks so much Thanh for visiting my blog AND leaving me a comment!!!! I’m so happy I could find your blog this way and enjoy your CHA review posts! It’s so funny (and not really funny at the same time) it looks as we would,t have been at the same CHA show! By looking at your photos it looks like I missed SO MUCH stuff! Damn! lol Next year I want to do the floor with you guys. it looks like you had so much fun! 🙂 I hope you’ll continue to visit my little spot of blog land and that we’ll keep in touch! 🙂 Marie

  2. I am so sad that we were so close to being in the same area at the same time!!! Glad you had fun!!!!

  3. Do you have to be invited to go to CHA?
    I love your CHA photos btw =) I’m so jelly right now hehehe

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