Feb 28

2014 Goal No. 17 | 30 Days of Lists


I am wasting no time at tackling my 2014 goals. My number 17 goal – make more lists – may have sounded a little ridiculous to some, but I am a list person.

I always make lists. I make lists for everything.

Even when I am writing a paper for school, or compiling my thoughts into a blog post, I write in a list form.

I love lists; it’s how I accomplish things! When I heard about the opportunity to take part in the 30 Days of Lists in March, I was hesitant at first. Did I really need a prompt to make a list every day? Perhaps not, but did I want to work towards my goals of engaging in social media more (number 27) as well as documenting my every day (number 8). I’ve been enjoying seeing the creativity of the books that the participants have made in the community!

My book is simple and I wanted to keep it that way. I’m thinking of putting it into a mini album upon completion and I didn’t want too much bulk. It’s a daybook designed by Amy Tangerine from American Crafts. As a “9-5er,” I also wanted something portable so that I could list during lunch so I think that my first 30 Days of Lists is perfect for me. For the title, I used the Skinny Font Alpha stamps from Your Next Stamp.

I’ll definitely be sharing my 30 Lists on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so I hope you’ll check in with me there.

Do you use lists to help you get things done? How do you document your lists: paper, sticky memos, notebooks, smart phone apps?

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