Feb 11

Big 40 Class with Donna Downey

First and foremost, I wanted to announce that the winner of the CHA Swag Giveaway. I got the sweet boyfriend to draw a number from my little bucket (there were 8 people who entered in total) and he picked #8…  Rachel Parys.

A few weeks ago, after CHA, I had the pleasure of taking a class with Donna Downey! She spent the entire weekend at one of my local scrapbook stores and myself and Naomi (as well as her momma) had signed up for the Big 40. Now if you know my usual style, I’m very clean and rarely engage in mixed media mediums. This class taught me 40 different ways to add texture to a background and just be free to play. Donna sure is a funny lady (in her videos) and in real life. Thanks so much for showing me the beginner techniques, Donna. xo

TV with Donna

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