Jan 28

Part One: 2014 Goals In Review


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I almost didn’t write this post. I figured “what the heck, let’s get on with 2015!”  I  may have lost my vision in the downswing of 2014, but what a great way to use the goals I set last year to see how much I did achieve and how much more I want to accomplish! Jumping right into this without any regrets, here’s what happened in 2014:

1. Be able to run 5K
Check! The Beau snapped a quick photo of me at the finish line here.

2. Read 15 books for fun
Made possible by going to the library and easily borrowing books. Yay!

3. Try twenty new eateries
If we count the food trucks we hit up and the places I’m sure I forgot, the Beau and I killed this goal. The eateries I can remember and in no particular rating order are:
Sushi HunHiroba Sushi | Sushi Kamizato | Phnom Penh |  Hiraku SushiKedah House | Makoto Ramenya | Pearl Castle  | Din Tai Fung (Bellevue) | Facing East (Bellevue) Pelican Seafood Restaurant
Anny’s |  Tangent Cafe | Ezell’s Chicken (Woodinvile) | Jimmy John’s (hey, it’s new to us)
Thierry | Beta 5 | Glenburn Soda Fountain | Earnest Ice Cream
Food trucks
Fliptop | Johnny’s Pops

4. Do yoga actively again
Fail! Or should I say postponed? I’ve bought a pass to a new yoga studio that opened up in our neighbourhood so I hope to be attending now. No excuses – the studio is a stone’s throw away!

5. Save more money
I was able to save quite a bit and plan to continue saving money (for the wedding) through 2015.

6. Send more pretty mail
This one started out really well for me, but as I already addressed in my previous post, around midyear, I just stopped. But at the beginning, I sent out more pretty mail than in previous years. I’m planning on sending out Valentines soon so hopefully this makes up for being a bad pen-pal.

7. Print more photos
I can’t recall if I even printed one.single.photo. Egads.

8. Record my every day moments
This was only possible because I made myself a calendar journal. This worked really well, but I want to push for more memory keeping in 2015.

9. Try five new quinoa recipes
I believe we tried about three. Meh – not worried about this one. Eating healthier was the bigger goal.

10. Enjoy living with less
I’ve been doing a really good clean-out every few months, but as a crafter, your supplies tend to pile up again quickly. I’m going to be doing a purge soon so all you crafters out there, be on the lookout for my purging sale! The other problem is now that I live with the Beau, his stuff also piles up and it frustrates me to no end, but we’re working on this together. A friend recommended reading this book and it’s helped with minimizing a lot. I’m not crossing this off the list because I feel that I could have done more.

11. Spend more time with friends
I made the effort to call friends more and made an effort to get together. I want to keep this up in 2015.

12. Cook more vegetarian meals
Much to the Beau’s dismay, I was able to cook quite a bit of vegetarian meals this year! I don’t think we’ll fully become vegetarians or vegans, but we both appreciate meatless meals. My favourite vegan blog is Angela’s and my favourite healthy meals blog is Cassie’s.

13. Learn calligraphy
Didn’t get a chance to tackle this in 2014, but I’m signed up to go to a calligraphy class tomorrow night! I’ll definitely be posting about it after the class is complete.

14. Work on my site/brand building
What I should have done was made this goal more detailed. I think I knew what I had to do, but was lost on steps to get there. I have a better vision for 2015 and I’m going to hustle hard to grow my readership and work with a designer for a better brand aesthetic.

Join me tomorrow for the rest of my 2014 Goals In Review and finally on Friday as I wrap up and set my goals for 2015!

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  1. You left out Jimmy John’s, lol!! And I’m happy to say I saw you 5 times last year!

    • You’re absolutely right! We did try Jimmy John’s!!! lol Did we see each other that much? <3 I'm so glad we did because it will be awhile yet before we do.

  2. This is a great post! Its gotta feel good to cross some things off your list! 😉

  3. You accomplished a lot!! Don’t lose sight of that! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m learning so much about you. I want to learn calligraphy too!! I need to find a class!! Awesome post today!!

  4. Another great post! Love how you’re revisiting your 2014 goals. Such a great way to reflect and really take ownership of them. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post! ♥

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