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2015 Goals

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Hello there, friends! For my local BC readers, I hope you had a great Family Day. This is a long overdue post that I never quite got around to writing because I was actually working hard on my goals. For real! If you’re new here, or missed my previous posts, you can see them here:

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In 2014, I set the bar high with stating 28 goals. I’m going to do things differently this year because I think I over compensated last year. It was the first year I held myself (and my audience) accountable to my goals and I think it was too much for me. I knew from the beginning that accomplishing all 28 goals was impossible, but I thought that the more I set and the excuse that “life would get in the way” would be okay. I wouldn’t say I failed, just didn’t complete all that I set out to do!

Setting goals is one thing, but coming up with an action plan to ensure they’re completed is another. One must have the intent and a plan to carry out goals properly. I’m changing things up this year because I spent a great deal of early January chatting with friends and talking to them about their goals and intentions for 2015. One conversation I had with a new friend, David, really stuck with me. He simply asked me if I was the type of person who made lots of goals or if I made only several and continued to work through the year on the few. That was where I realized that I had lost track of the goals I had made and the truth was that as hard as I worked, if I never celebrated the small obstacles I overcame, I never would see the big picture and work towards the end result.

This year, I’m using my one word to guide me. I’m categorizing my goals into three different areas of my life. I expect to hold myself accountable by checking in on this blog every few months and I hope that you’ll help cheer me on.

My 2015 word is grow and this is how I plan to use this word to live my year:

Blog/Craft Goals

  1. Rebrand this blog/come up with a new logo
    Tasks: Find a web designer, come up with a mood board plan with designer (this is already in the works!)
  2. Build relationships with my readers – really get to know them and increase readership
    Tasks: Respond to comments left on this blog, comment on others’ blogs/sites.
    Come up with good content that people are inspired to read.
  3. Be a good leader for my Team
    Tasks: Set aside time each day to respond to questions.
    Schedule time to do the lengthier work.

Personal Goals

  1. Continue simplifying and organizing
    Tasks: Every weekend (or as my schedule allows), find a space that needs to be decluttered and make it work for us. I’ve already worked on the kitchen pantry/drawers as well as the bathroom. Yay!
  2. Plan a budget wedding
    Tasks: Complete as many DIY (or rather, do-it-ourselves = DIO) projects that we can and delegate tasks to others as needed.
    Do as much planning in the beginning as possible to avoid last minute decisions.

Fitness Goals

  1. Continue being able to run 5K
    Tasks: Couch to 5K running plan is my hero. I did it last year, I can do it again
  2. Eat wisely
    Tasks: It all starts with what goes into the shopping cart: be conscious of what we buy and take home from the grocery store.
    Schedule time to look up recipes and meal plan.
  3. Incorporate exercise into the schedule
    Tasks: YAY! This is the one that has been my time sucker. I’ve been working with a personal trainer to help me work towards my goals of living a healthier lifestyle. My fitness goals are important because it helps with my energy levels and keeps my body active and in check with my mind.

I’m so happy to share these with you and I hope that by sharing my own, I’ve made you think of yours and what your action plans are! If you and I haven’t discussed your goals yet, what’s holding you back? Do we have similar goals? What inspired you to set these intentions/goals?

Here’s a little something written by Ali to help you think about making that first step as a beginner.

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  1. All your goals sound FABULOUS! I’ll be cheering you on! Take everything one day at a time and I’m certain you’ll reach them all! 😉 And to be honest, I don’t really set goals for myself. I wouldn’t say anything holds me back…I’m just one of those people, that if something comes to me, then from that point on I work towards it until I get it. 😉

  2. Love your 2015 goals! I love how you categorized them and kept some of them more general, but also included some specific goals as well. I think it’s important to include a mixture of both. It provides flexibility which is something we all need with our busy schedules. I wish you the best and I know 2015 will be a great year for you!

  3. You inspired me. I’ve let retirement lull me into complacency. I think I’ll start walking again and get back on track with simplifying before the clutter overwhelms me.

  4. Good for you!! Those all seem like very attainable goals, and your planning is going to make them even easier. For my sanity, I would also add “Get Married” and “Sleep” to the list, because I KNOW those are things that you will accomplish, haha. 😉

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