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Vancouver Calligraphy Workshop | Fox and Flourish | Hunter and Hare


A couple weeks ago, I was able to cross off number thirteen of my 2014 goals. As a person who has always loved stationary, has spent hundreds (if not thousands – shhh don’t tell the Beau) on different pens, papers, and ink, and is still adamant about using the post office to send snail mail, learning calligraphy has been a must for the past couple of years. I started doing some research on calligraphy workshops in Metro Vancouver early 2014 and Fox & Flourish was one of the very few who offered a hands-on, modern approach to calligraphy. The only problem for me was the timing was always off (albeit, I had just missed the posted workshop(s) and they were already sold out or they were on an evening where I already had a prior engagement scheduled).

Imagine my delight when the stars finally aligned and my friend and I were able to sign up for for a workshop hosted by Hunter & Hare.



Hunter & Hare is a boutique consignment shop in Gastown. The owners, Jo and Micki, greeted us with a warm welcome into the store and we were able to do some shopping before the class started. YAY! The story behind Hunter & Hare is that Jo and Micki were colleagues in the past and they had the idea to open up this fun shop that offered consigned goods as well as new items from local artists and vendors. I absolutely love the concept and the branding behind their store. What a great paring of hunter, hare and fox!

Foxandflourish_calligraphy_hunter_and_hare2 Not only was our beginner kit beautifully put together, we were also treated to some delightful caramels by The Candid Confectioner. The caramel flavours included in our little package (pictured above right below my name) were passionfruit with black cardamom and ginger and raspberry. I’ve never tasted a caramel so delicious – a total party in my mouth, I tell you! Thank you so much for the sweets, Stephanie.


Who was our wonderful instructor and the owner behind Fox & Flourish?
Her name is Christina and she’s such a bubble of energy! Upon entering Hunter & Hare, Christina quickly came to the front of the store to introduce herself and to take our coats. She’s such a sweet person and you can’t help but adore the passion she has for calligraphy. This love for calligraphy most likely began when the young Christina was starting to experiment with graffiti; luckily for us, she chose the lawful route and has graced us with her beautiful penmanship instead!

Foxandflourish_calligraphy_hunter_and_hare5 The workshop was two hours and there were ten students in total. I’m surprised at how quickly those two hours went by! I was doubtful of my own skills at the beginning, but with Christina’s instructions and encouragement, I was pretty satisfied at how much I picked up in our short time together! I had a good laugh at myself many times because of the way I always had to readjust my posture to get the proper angle of the nib pointing down. I enjoyed the energy that the group put out together and we were all there, as beginners, learning the ways of modern calligraphy. One of the best parts of this style of calligraphy is the emphasis on adapting the letters to your own style.


Here are the key things I took away from the workshop:

  • Posture/body positioning is everything. Make sure you sit up straight and if you’re uncomfortable, you’re most likely doing it right!
  • Things are going to get messy: I ended the evening with ink on my hands and letters smudged across the page.
  • In the words of Christina, “Practice, practice, practice!”
  • The investment to begin calligraphy can be expensive, but the payoff is absolutely worth it.

Thanks so much to Jo and Micki for hosting and Christina for leading the workshop! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you ladies.

I really encourage all beginners to take a workshop in person, and if you’re local to my area, definitely keep an eye out for the next Fox & Flourish workshop. If you need a little more convincing, here is Kandyce’s experience when she took the workshop at The Juice Truck. Surprise! Christina’s next workshop is February 12th at the Lululemon Lab. Read all the details here.

PS – If you’re a follower of my blog and wondering when the heck I’m going to share my 2015 goals, that’s coming tomorrow! That darn thing called life has gotten in the way and I’ve been working away at my 2015 goals behind the scenes and haven’t had a chance to post about them, yet. See you tomorrow. xo

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  1. How fun! Glad you had a good time and were able to learn so much! Can’t wait to read your 2015 goals tomorrow :)!

  2. Gorgeous work….who doesn’t love flourished penmanship!

  3. Sounds like fun! Glad you were able to get a spot! 😉 And who doesn’t enjoy a ‘sweet treat’ to go with!?!…Yum! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I would love to sign up for a calig/script class . Please let me know when and how to sign up

    • Hi Amy! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’ll email you some of the local calligraphers that I know of and you can choose someone that is near you hopefully. 🙂

  5. Angelica says:

    Hi! I would like to know about your next work shop.

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